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15 January
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I was born in 1949. By the year 2100, I shall be dead. About 95% of my days I've spent in Akron, Ohio. From 1960 to 1962 I lived in Inglewood, California. A brother of one of the Beach Boys was in my gym class. I learned to smoke cigarettes in Inglewood. When I was able to smoke an entire Lucky Strike without coughing, my family and I were allowed to return to Ohio.

In early June of 1964, I brought a pint of whiskey to school and got rip-roaring drunk! On June 3, 1979, as a couple guys were driving me to a detox center in Cleveland, I sat in their backseat with a six-pack of Colt45 and got rip-roaring drunk! For the last time. Since heavy usage began in 1968, I lived eleven very wet years -- plenty spaced out, too, with the pot and the pills. But the years were not entirely lost despite my best efforts.

I did manage to meet and marry my wife in 1976. Before you tag her as a slop queen, please realize I was on one of my periodic dry spells to which I retreated whenever I really pissed someone off. She and I met while performing in the musical "Of Thee I Sing!". George Gershwin composed the music, but I like "Rhapsody In Blue" better.

To paraphrase Lou Reed writing about heroin and not my wife (he better NOT had been writing about my wife!) -- "She's my life and she's my wife". My wife is my life since I'd be dead if I hadn't dried up, and she was about to kick me out for good unless I did. The only thing I did was sit still, keep my mouth shut and allow many wonderful people to help me.

My wife and I have two beautiful daughters. One is in college, the other is saving up to go to Romania. Are you assuming the older girl is in college and the younger one is saving up to go to Romania?

What animates me is my work in the theater. I have acted over 70 roles since my high school senior play. I've acted professionally in Minnesota and Ohio, I've been featured in independent films, I've done TV commercials, radio plays, and industrials.

When I'm not acting, I'm writing, blogging, reading, and net surfing while performing the biological and sociological functions of husband and father. For exercise I walk, bend over, scratch my nose, blink, lift weights and drive with the windows down.